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Blackmore´s Night Tour News!

Blackmore´s Night Tour News!
Review and Set Lists

BELGRADE CONCERT: 20th April 2007
by Natalie Savchenko

Dear friends!

On 20 apr, 2007 the second, fantastic concert took place in Belgrade of legendary Ritchie Blackmore and his unique group of "Blackmore's Night" within the framework of round of "Europe by Moonlight Tour 2007"!!!

Today I was able to collect some comments of people from forums, which were on a concert and enjoyed sincerely a high-quality sound both acoustics and wonderful music!!!

I very hope that in soon to appear more (exact) complete information about this concert.

A concert passed in good amosfera! Ritchie and Candice were very animated public! Candice quickly found a contact with public both for itself and after Ritchie ("That's Ritchie, asks for requests and than play exactly what he wants!")

This there was indeed music which carried all in a hall in the past of Renaissance, time 15 ages...

This there was magic night!..
Sincerity and beauty of execution a song overmastered all! Ariel - unusually, fantastical! Oll marked an unbelievable high-quality sound ("pod jedan: kakav zvuk....neverovatno!"), and wonderful, surprising voice of Candice Night. Сandice Night sing ideal! (" Candice je tako harizmaticna I pleni, predivno peva" (!!), similarly and girls of back-vocal of "Sisters of the Moon", which all was charmed (charm).
(In comments I saw words about the song of "All for one" (?), but in set-list I her not saw, possibly through vermya there will be exact information! In addition, there is information, that a song was "Past Times With Good Company")

Full Set-list:

01 Past Time With Good Company
02 Rainbow Blues
03 Play Minstrel Play
04 Under the Violet Moon
05 I Still Remember
06 Diamonds And Rust
07 Wind In The Willows
08 World Of Stone
09 Mond Tanz / Child In Time
10 Home Again
11 Fires At Midnight
12 Cartouche
13 Ghost Of A Rose
14 Soldier Of Fortune
15 Ariel
16 Renaissance Faire
17 The Clock Ticks On
18 Difficult To Cure
19 St. Teresa
20 Smoke On The Water
21 Black Night

SOFIA CONCERT: 17th April 2007
by Ukranian Fans:

Although it sounds cliche, the evening of April 17, 2007 shall be definitely remembered by these 4000 fans in the completely sold-out Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, who came to witness the second visit of Blackmore's Night in Bulgaria (and first date of their current Europe by Moonlight Tour 2007.

We simply cannot say anything negative about the concert of Ritchie Blackmore (acoustic and electric guitars), Candice Nigth (vocals, flute) and their "band of minstrels".
Perfect sound, beautiful light show, perfectly fitting stage decors with castle walls, green plants and straw, brilliant musicianship by all professionals on stage, Candice's marvelous singing... No, there really can't be anyone who's left the show unsatisfied, no matter whether a fan of Blackmore's Night's magic mixture of Renaissance music and folk rock, or of Ritchie's former bands, Deep Purple and Rainbow.

Those who came to hear and see Blackmore's Night were more than happy due to these two hours of mainly acoustic performances of songs off the group's five studio albums - starting with "Play, Minstrel, Play", "Under a Violet Moon ", "Home Again", "World of Stone", passing through instrumental pieces like "Minstrel Hall" and "Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus", going on with interpretations of Joan Baez' "Diamonds and Rust", Rainbow's "Ariel" and Joan Osbourne's "St. Teresa" (as an encore), the latter two cuts performed by Ritchie on his legendary electric guitar, which, on the other hand, caused furore among...

...those who came to hear and see not Blackmore's Night, but just Deep Purple's former guitar player. They should be more than happy, too, having in mind the fact that Mr. Blackmore offered them not only the evergreens "Soldier of Fortune" and "Child in Time" during the first half of the concert, but also two of the encores - the total 70's rock smash hits "Smoke on the Water" and "Black Night".

Of course, we shouldn't forget the immense role played by Ritchie and Candice's five minstrels - the sisters with angel-like voices Madeline and Nancy Posner, drummer Squire Malcolm, bass player Baron St. James (who debuted on stage with the band last night), and especially the keyboard virtuoso Bard David, whose perfection left a solid part of the audience speechless.

Yes, although it sounds cliche, the evening of April 17, 2007 shall be definitely remembered...

Full Set-List:
01 Ritchies Intro
02 Past Time With Good Company
03 Rainbow Blues
04 Play Minstrel Play
05 Under A Violet Moon
06 Soldier Of Fortune
07 Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus / Bard David piano solo
08 World Of Stone
09 Diamonds And Rust
10 Mond Tanz / Child In Time
11 Bard David piano solo
12 Ariel
13 Loreley
14 Minstrel Hall (including Giant Rabbit walking across stage!)
15 Ma O Tzur
16 Home Again / Bard David singing DRINK
17 I Still Remember
18 Renaissance Faire
19 Avalon
20 Streets Of London
21 Ghost Of A Rose
22 Difficult To Cure / St. Teresa
23 Smoke On The Water
24 Back Night (plus Woman From Tokyo riff)

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