segunda-feira, maio 17, 2010

Ronnie James Dio, Thank You !

I'm still shocked by this news, I still cannot believe, but our Dio passed away, our magic voice is now in the sky as a Star.

Ronnie, I learnt lots about how to sing with the soul with you, while I was growing up listening Rainbow. Your voice with Mr. Blackmore guitar notes was one of the most perfect combination of elements to a magic song.

Until today I feel the same sensation when I listen the intro of the Rainbow's Rising album. Tarot Woman catch me always very deep in the heart, making me be proud of appreciate the Well Made Rock n Roll music, very well composed, sung and felt.

You plus Mr Blackmore made me one day think that I could sing, inpired me to write some few lyrics, that one day I know I will record.

And your work will be with us forever, your way to treat your fans was always an example and all I know about you with your musicians friends is that you really had a good soul.

You were Unique as Ritchie said.
You are irreplaceable!
And yes, we will continue spreading your music around!
Because your music is immortal and we are thankful for this gift you left to us.

Thank you!

Blackmore's Night Brazilian Street Team

sábado, maio 08, 2010

Happy Birthday Candice!!!

Everyday I sing a Blackmore's Night song, as I take my morning tea, its like a ritual, cause its like a good vibration I do, so the day is better cause of this!
Blackmore's Night songs are made with love and because of this when we listen it makes us smile for true!
And I can see in your smile, that you loves what you do, every single thing you do is with love, cause you are really conected with the true feelings and with nature.
It is what make you a human being so special among the others. You are really gifted!

We from Brazil Street Team wish you a wonderful day!
Lots of huggies and kisses for you, we send a very good energy and lots of butterflies!
We love you Candice

Happy Birthday Princess!