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Johanna Pieterman & Blackmore's Night

Abaixo segue o depoimento de como a artista Johanna Pieterman conheceu Ritchie Blackmore e Candice Night. Ela criou as artes de capas dos albuns: "Shadow of the Moon", "Ghost of a Rose" e "The Begining - Box"


Johanna: "I first met Ritchie and Candice in Rotterdam, prior to a Rainbow concert.  At the time I was publishing a Stevie Nicks fanzine called 'Affairs of the Heart'.  Candy contacted me through the fanzine and this lead to an exchange of thoughts about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

I was invited to create the artwork for their first 'Blackmore's Night' album following that first meeting, where we discovered that we had many spiritual things in common. They both admired my work and I felt it was a great honour to create something special for them.

We met again at castle Waldeck in Germany to discuss the artwork and enjoy our friendship over a wonderful dinner, then at their home in New York State over the Christmas holidays in 1995.  Here the final ideas were put to paper, and a photo session was undertaken from which I would work to create the cover. I created two separate works of art in colour pencil, one of which was chosen as the cover artwork.  I sincerely hope you enjoyed it...

Thank you Ritchie and Candice, for your friendship and generosity. Thank you Carole for your kindness...."

Fotos da sessão de ensaios 
para a arte de Shadow of the Moon

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