terça-feira, fevereiro 12, 2008

Carta de Carole Stevens

"Dear Elen

please copy my letter and give to the fans in Brazil.
I hope your warm weather holidays were great. We have very cold weather here in NY-but the great things-Candice and Ritchie are spending this time in the studio creating a new Blackmore's Night cd.
I will be working with our label in Brazil to bring you Paris Moon and the new cd as well.
We have very little time to tour this year-because they are spending so much time in the studio-and as much as we would love to come to Brazil-we wont have the time to do this, this year-
it is very expensive for the whole band and equipment to come there-so maybe next year we will be able to work it into our schedule.
We must go to Europe first because that is where our main record label is based.
We have new exciting things happening with the band as well- all I can say is whenever we make a new change-it is always for the best for the music and the group and the fans.
We cannot always explain why we do what we do-but you must trust us that we have our music and our fans best interest always in our hearts.

With best regards
Carole Stevens"

Elen Cristina :)

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