terça-feira, outubro 28, 2008

Secret Voyage: Vote para Melhor Album!!!

Secret Voyage foi indicado para Melhor Album de 2008 pelo site Kweevak.com

Vocês podem ajudar o Blackmore´s Night levar o prêmio Votando diretamente no link abaixo, vamos votar até dia 4 de Novembro!

LINK: http://www.kweevak.com/index.php#CYA


Guitar World sobre o Casamento:

Ritchie Blackmore Ties Ye Olde Knot

In October 5, 2008, ceremony at Castle on the Hudson in Tarrytown, New York, Deep Purple/Rainbow guitar legend Ritchie Blackmore married his longtime girlfriend, Candice Night. Candice is also the singer of Blackmore's Night, the duo's folk music project.

For more wedding day images, visit the Blackmore's Night web site.

Blackmore's Night's most recent album, Secret Voyage, was released in August.

Guitar World Site

Secret Voyage Review por Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

To Review of Blackmore’s Night-Secret Voyage

I felt compelled to write another review of Secret Voyage due to the misinformed and inexperienced review provided by Nicki McIntyre, who wrote one review for us then suddenly disappeared. The review she provided proved that she has no clue about the music of Ritchie Blackmore and Candace Night, not to mention the meaning, purpose and culture behind it all. This will cancel out the nonsensical verbiage previously posted. Secret Voyage is in fact one their best efforts to date filled with beautiful singing from Candace, great harmonies, and some of Blackmore’s finest guitar licks interlaced with the dreamy days gone by lyrics that transport you back to medieval times in a blink of an eye.

Blackmore’s Night creates unique music and the difficulty of producing this style of music should be not be underestimated. I cannot think of anyone that makes music like this anywhere in the world and certainly there are few bands with a guitar player with the experience and ability of a Ritchie Blackmore. In addition to that, Candace Night has one of the most electrifying and mesmerizing vocal styles I have ever heard.

You do not get anything unexpected on this recording, rather what you would count on is present, the excellent combination of acoustic and electric six-string mastery from Blackmore and simple storylines about people with uncomplicated lives minus the insanity and uncertainty of today. This brings to mind a conversation I just had with my next-door neighbor this morning. This individual was brought up in a different time, which seems so innocent in comparison to the harshness and lack of morality we experience now. She was prompted to say “everything about today’s world is wrong now.” I could hardly disagree because there is not much right about it. Music like this makes all of that melt away and then you wish you could jump in a time machine but Blackmore’s Night so eloquently speaks to this with their music and words that you find yourself back there with them as they make their way through this album.

Even when they do a cover song like “Can’t Help Falling In Love” they hit the mark.

Everything about this is right and that is what makes it so good. Yes, I have covered all of their albums and I do love them and there may be a bit of biased in my feeling towards their work, however at least I understand what they are all about and appreciate their music, which puts me a few steps ahead of someone who never heard them before.

4 stars
Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
October 25, 2008

domingo, outubro 26, 2008

Ghost of a Rose - Brazil Cover Band

Veja o que a assessora da banda nos disse:
Kira - Assessora de Comunicação.
Bom, eu sou a Kira assessora de comunicação da banda Ghost Of a Rose e foi uma grande surpresa para nós sermos citados aqui!
Bom, apenas uma correção, esse site por enquanto está fora do ar, porém volta a ativa provavelmente em Dezembro/Janeiro.
Por enquanto as pessoas podem contar com o:
orkut da banda ( só procurar por Ghost Of a Rose - Blackmore's Night Cover)
o email : ghostofarosebn@gmail.com,
o msn: ghostofarosebn@hotmail.com
e temos também o blog em fase de construção.

Temos um show marcado em São Paulo para o dia 06/12 no Blackmore Rock Bar.

Mais informações pelo email: ghostofarosebn@gmail.com

Novamente, muito obrigada. A banda agradece muito.

quinta-feira, outubro 23, 2008

Blackmore´s Night Brazil Crew Cresce!

Eu venho há +/- 7 anos fazendo conteúdo, divulgando o BN no orkut, conhecendo outros fãs no Brasil e eu colhi muitos bons frutos entre muitas pessoas legais eu conheci:

A Banda Cover - Ghost of a Rose
Site: http://www.ghostofarose.com.br

A Leslie que me manda Várias notícias da nossa cena de amantes da Era Medieval
Email: witchmara1@uol.com.br (peça pra ela te mandar também)

O Blackmore´s Night Fã Clube de BH
O criador de lá é o Leonardo
Site: http://blackmoresnightbh.blogspot.com

E se preparem pois está para nascer
O Blackmore´s Night Fã Clube do RJ
O criador de lá é o Rafael
Email: roma_hot@msn.com

Um por Todos e Todos por Um!!!

domingo, outubro 12, 2008

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Rumor has it Ritchie and Candice tied the knot last Sunday at Castle on the Hudson!
And they all lived happily ever after...God Save The Keg!
Although it was such a short engagement and was a shock to everybody...
Ritchie was overheard to have said "This is the 1st wedding I've been to where I'm not looking for the exit sign!!!"

Awww this comment of Ritchie was so cute! Congrats Ritchie and Candice! You both deserve all happiness!!!

Fonte: www.BlackmoresNight.com

segunda-feira, outubro 06, 2008

Ritchie Blackmore e Candice Night se casaram ontem!

RITCHIE BLACKMORE and CANDICE NIGHT: Married on 5th October 2008!

From: Candice Night
Date: Oct 6, 2008 8:05 AM

As of 4:48 pm on Oct. 5, 2008 Candice Lauren And Richard Hugh were pronounced Husband and Wife. It was a small gathering of friends and family, the party just ended at 2:30 am we'll have photos available shortly, but remember folks you heard it here first!!!!!!!! We congratulate the both of them and wish them nothing less then Happiness, Health and Love.
Message from Candice Night myspace page:


Estamos de Volta

Estamos de volta!

Nossos arquivos estão voltando para o servidor, ele saiu do ar e apagou tudo! Ugh!

Mas eu estou cuidando direitinho para que todos os arquivos estejam lá de volta e vou atualizar a lista de todos nós fãs! Os Reis e As Rainhas que fazem esta página existir!

Mesmo assim, peço mil desculpas pelo incoveniente causado, pois eu sei que algumas informações aqui (Discografia e Biografia) são importantes para os novos fãs saberem!

Enfim, One for All and All for One!


Elen Cristina :)