terça-feira, abril 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Minstre Ritchie Blackmorel!!!

Ritchie Blackmore

I wish you a very great Birthday!
Special day, to play your favorites songs with your Princess Candy! And have many fun tonight!
May you have more melodies always!
Today and for Eternity you are an example to me! In music, in own opinions, in love by the simple things and about how good you are for the person you choose to live and love.
I am proud of be your fan, of know your music. The music is surround me and helping me to live and to work better!
Happy Birthday Mr. Minstrel.

We celebrate your birthday here in Brazil/São Paulo in a bar called Blackmore Bar.
The Blackmore´s Night (Ghost of a Rose cover band) and Deep Purple (Power House cover band) played there.
It was at March/10 and we did sing all together celebrating your Birthday!

Here is the Video:

Happy Birthday Everyday Minstrel ^^
From Blackmore´s Night Brazilian Street Team
Elen Cristina :)