sexta-feira, julho 24, 2009

Midnight - The Clock Ticks On / Willow Trees

Então vou postar um video da banda ialiana cover chamada Midnight, a vocalista é a Laura, eu sempre estou ali no myspace dela, e ela é linda e canta igualzinha a Candice ^^

Grazie Laura!

sábado, maio 09, 2009

Aniversário da Princesa

Happy Birthday to a Princess!

Eu enviei para a Candice Night um email com varias coisas boas que eu desejo pra ela, na data mais especial, o Aniversário dela. Eu realmente amo a Candice, porque ela é acima de tudo um ser humano brilhante e tem um coração muito puro. E tem um sorriso que encanta, uma voz mágica e nos faz sonhar e suspirar cada vez que ela canta. Segue o email abaixo:

"Lovely Candice!

I wish you happiness, real dreams, enchanted tunes, sweet nights, brighty mornings, hugs of husband, family, fans and family, gifts of the fairies, good magic of the witchys, water crystal to wash you and give you more energy, healthy food to keep your magic, pure air ( i believe its possible ) to make you sing as a bird, lots of birds in all colors at your garden, kisses and licks of all the animals you play, more amazing tours ( come to brazilll hehe ), past time with good company, soccer games (yeah cause you know its magic too ), fantastic lyrics appearing into your mind like a movie or a book that we are openning, more fleetwood mac shows, more sarah brightman appreciation, more renaissance fairs, more strawberries covered with chocko, more cheese foundue, Tons of scarfs that make you amazing, lots of beautiful clothes that make you be our Princess, meows and meows of your cats and the others of the world, falling stars at sky every night you look at it, children singing, the oldmen and oldwomen dancing, babies playing, rocker brave heart boys melting listening you at crowd, girls dreaming to find theirs heros sing along with you at their bedrooms, rainbows above your head while you walking at a park, drwanings of the children with the princess and sparklings hearts, comets crossing the planet sky cause they want see you sing too, peace, love, light, hope, nature smiling everytime you take care of her, a big proud smile of your mother, her bright eyes looking for you, Violet Moons, a jorney that never ends... deep breath to sing for the 1st time a new song live, butterflies at your bedroom, angels flying together with you and your dears to every city you are, watching sunsets, sing with friends and many more HAPPY BIRTHDAYSSSS

I love you so much and all you do! ^^
You are an example to me,
Candice we of Brazil are dreaming in see you someday
We love you and wish you a Happy Birthday

The Candice Night Fanlisting
by Elen Cristina and the Big Family of Fans"

terça-feira, abril 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Minstre Ritchie Blackmorel!!!

Ritchie Blackmore

I wish you a very great Birthday!
Special day, to play your favorites songs with your Princess Candy! And have many fun tonight!
May you have more melodies always!
Today and for Eternity you are an example to me! In music, in own opinions, in love by the simple things and about how good you are for the person you choose to live and love.
I am proud of be your fan, of know your music. The music is surround me and helping me to live and to work better!
Happy Birthday Mr. Minstrel.

We celebrate your birthday here in Brazil/São Paulo in a bar called Blackmore Bar.
The Blackmore´s Night (Ghost of a Rose cover band) and Deep Purple (Power House cover band) played there.
It was at March/10 and we did sing all together celebrating your Birthday!

Here is the Video:

Happy Birthday Everyday Minstrel ^^
From Blackmore´s Night Brazilian Street Team
Elen Cristina :)