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Candice Night - Updates


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Attending the Christmas tree lighting today. #itsbeginningtolookalotlikechristmas #holidaytime #christmastree

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How did our elf on the shelf get way up there? #elfontheshelf #chippy #christmas #elf

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Candice and Rory at the Dicken's Festival with Winter Carols playing in the background (03/12/2016) Thanks to Lisa and Dot Sweet

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Grammy Hall of Fame 2017

A música "Smoke on the Water" foi indicada para o Grammy Hall of Fame 2017
Veja no post do Facebook Oficial do Ritchie Blackmore

Album Shadow of the Moon: Qual sua música favorita?

Blackmore's Night pergunta, para sua tour de 20 anos no ano que vem:
Quais são suas músicas favoritas do album Shadow of the Moon?

(já me adianto a dizer aqui que a minha sempre será a música Shadow of the Moon)

Flashback Friday

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Blackmore's Night Productions - Newsletter

Segue aqui a Newsletter enviada pela produção do Blackmore's Night para a fã base. Tem boas notícias, por exemplo estão agendando shows para a tour do Blackmore's Night em 2017 no verão europeu, assim como possíveis datas do Rainbow na mesma época.

Click to enlarge:

Blackmore Productions, c/o Carole Stevens, P.O. Box 735, Nesconset, NY 11767-0735, USA

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Magical World

Doesn't matter how difficult times we can go through, there will be always magical days!
Magical World

Lyric video

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Happy Thanksgiving from Brazil

Happy Thanksgiving, to all the band of minstrels, fans, friends and family! :)

Blackmore's Night Website Intros

Abaixo algumas das lindas intros que já passaram pelo website do Blackmore's Night e da Candice Night.

Images and song Christmas Eve 
Was on Candice Night Official Website Intro, song from Album: Winter Carols

Intro Theme of Beyond the Sunset Romantic Collection CD 
was at BMN official website

Intro Theme of Paris Moon DVD 
it was on BMN official website to spread the magic of the DVD

Locked Within The Crystal Ball
it was at the Candice Night website intro to promote Secret Voyage CD

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Blackmore's Night - Cartouche (Lyrics)

Lyrics da música Cartouche do album Ghost of a Rose, a arte é uma colagem de imagens de Ritchie Blackmore e Candice Night na porta do restaurante Cartouche da República Tcheca.

Candice Night e MagiQuest

Vídeos e Fotos da Candice Night e seus momentos como Princesas do MagiQuest

Princess Candice of MagiQuest

Candice Night at Making of MagiQuest

Princesa Candice 

Princesa Amora

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Candice Night - Instagram updates

Candice at Broadway to see "Something Rotten" musical

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Snippets deste musical no Youtube, vejam como é lindo e divertido! =))))

Candice sobre ser mãe, é encontrar o tapa-olho do pirata na caixa de seus óculos...

Way To Mandalay - Medieval Salt Mine at Wieliczka

Cenas de Way to Mandalay foram gravadas na Mina Medieval de Wieliczka, na Polônia. A mina é a mais antiga nesse estilo no mundo e está incluída na Lista do Patrimônio Mundial da Unesco desde 9 de setembro de 1978.

Site da Unesco:
Site da Mina:

Segue fotos da Mina e abaixo o vídeo de Way to Mandalay.

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EPK videos sobre Albuns e DVDs

The Beginning

Ritchie Blackmore Story

All Our Yesterdays

Dancer and The Moon

A Knight in York DVD

Autumn Sky

Paris Moon DVD 1

Paris Moon DVD 2

Secret Voyage

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Bruegel Tapestry

Curiosidade: o fã Alexander Pronyakin viu essa tapeçaria de Bruegel e logo relacionou com algo que ele já havia visto antes... Candice disse a ele que sim, que ela adiquiriu essa tapeçaria em Brugge (cidade da Bélgica)

Ghost of a Rose

Inspiration of today is the timeless song Ghost of a Rose.

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Candice Night Interview - Lakeshore Public Media

Candice Night Interview - Lakeshore Public Media
Tom Lounges - A Look At The Arts - 28/10/2016
(Edited parts with music due copyrights)
Thank to Alexander Pronyakin for recording.

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Candice Postou mais fotos de Flashbacks de festas de Halloween!

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Uma foto publicada por Candice Night (@candice.night) em

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3 Magicians in 1

I was playing with my imagination and conected these 3 photos of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow concerts, what everybody watched was great concerts with classic songs with the best rock 'n' roll guitarist of all time (imho).

But my imagination conected more details that if it's not only coincidence it's a wonderful message that Ritchie Blackmore always spread to us, even if it's not spoken or played. His magic message.

1ts concert the Apache style jacket
2nd concert the Witch hat
3rd the kinda Peasant-bard-simple t-shirt

All of them are about the Magic on life, the bond between the ground and the sky like the arch of a Rainbow does, and all about that came through songs, universe and nature.

For awhile, I'm waiting to see the Rainbow rising at their new DVD "Memories in Rock"


This is my mood tonight =))

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Blackmore's Night Halloween

Candice postou diversas fotos de festas passadas de Halloween do Blackmore's Night.

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Uma foto publicada por Candice Night (@candice.night) em

Uma foto publicada por Candice Night (@candice.night) em

Uma foto publicada por Candice Night (@candice.night) em

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Through Times part II

Today I made this art and I thought it would fit perfectly in a lyric video.
Then I made with the song of Beto Vazquez Infinity - Through Times part II feat. Candice Night
I sent this video to my other page Candice Night Fanlisting

Making of Through Times part II

Fantasy Castle Music

Candice Night In Susan Henderson's Litpark Interview 18/10/2006

Susan - Blackmore’s Night has a very distinctive sound, mixing medieval music with a modern sound. How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?

Candice - I like to call it Fantasy Castle Music. Ritchie calls it Renn and Roll. It’s really some rock, some folk, some Renaissance, some tavern songs, some ballads and some instrumentals. The great thing about this music is we don’t fit into a neatly packed box with categories stamped on them. It’s incredibly freeing to play anything you want to, anyway you want to play it. The bad thing is, people are so used to boxes that sometimes you fall through the cracks because you can’t be catagorized.

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All Our Yesterdays

"Once not very long ago or very far away
We used to love until the break of day..."

All Our Yesterdays video:

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Happy Birthday to Troubadour of Aberdeen!!!

Happy Birthday to our dear drummer Troubadour of Aberdeen (David Keith)
or as I think he is the Peter Pan on drums haha - Posted by Elen Perez

Watch him in action here:

The Four Seasons // As Quatro Estações

The Four Seasons inspired by Blackmore's Night.

I made it listening to the song: The Circle.

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Segunda-feira com Blackmore's Night é Melhor!

Que todos tenham sempre segundas-feiras gostosas!

Blackmore's Night - Patchogue Theater 2016

Set List Patchogue 2016

-Dancer and the Moon
-Dance of the Darkness
-Queen for a Day, Part II
-Under a Violet Moon
-Soldier of Fortune (Deep Purple cover)
-Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus
-World of Stone
-Renaissance Faire
-Allan Yn N Fan
-Peasant's Promise
-Toast to Tomorrow
-Barbara Allen
-Home Again - Drink Drink Drink - The Happy Wanderer - Reprise
-Diamonds & Rust (Joan Baez cover)
-Fires at Midnight

Seguem aqui alguns vídeos do concerto em Patchogue Theater 14/10/2016

Fires at Midnight

Toast to Tomorrow feat. Bad Romance

Barbara Allen

Ritchie Blackmore solo - Fires at Midnight

Soldier of Fortune

World of Stone

Diamonds and Rust