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Entrevista com a Candice Night !!!

Olá fãs de todo o Brasil, nosso Street Team realizou uma entrevista por email com a Candice Night, nós enviamos as perguntas para a Carole Stevens (empresária do Blackmore´s Night) e ela as encaminhou para a Candice que respondeu com toda atenção de sempre, que ela dá aos seus fãs!
Aqui vai na íntergra a entrevista em Inglês, a tradução logo virá!

Hello brazilian fans, our Street Team made am interview by e-mail with Candice Night, we sent the questions to Carole Stevenes (Blackmore´s Night manager) and she sent it to Candice, that answered with the attention as always she give to her fans.
Here is the entire interview, in English, the portuguese translation comming soon!


Candice, you are being an inspiration to a lot of artists and fans, that always dream to make something different in their lives, something good and healthy for body, mind and soul, to ourselves and others that surround us!

1 - What was the first feeling you had when you recorded your first renaissance tune at the Shadow of the Moon album?

Candice- Ritchie and I first began writing these songs together when he was in the studio with Rainbow in 1994-1995. While the others were doing their tracks in the recording sessions, he and I would be sitting by the fireplace in this old farmhouse in Massachusettes with 6 feet of snow outside, writing these melodies. We did it as an escape from the stress and pressures he was feeling at the time through the old management, the record company and the egos involved in the band. Originally we never thought that we would record these songs or put them out for anyone else to hear. But a few months later we had a party and started playing some of the songs for our friends. They liked them so much they said if we did an album they would all buy it! So we thought maybe if they liked the songs that much, others would too. We put the songs out originally on a Japanese label. That was 10 years ago and now we have so many amazing fans worldwide it is astonishing! It's almost as if we decided to brave a path through the forest and then turned around and had thousands of people behind us following the path saying, "I want to come too! Take me with you!"
When I 1st was in the recording studio, I was so nervous. I can hear it now on the 1st album, but I think my voice comes across innocent. It was my 1st time singing as a "lead singer" so really getting used to my own sound, the stylings and limitations and breaking through those limitations is something that you can only work on through time. So, I think that 10 years into the recording process and touring my voice has matured- but in 1997 that wasnt something I could had to be acquired through time and experience. And I am still learning every day...

2 - Do you inspire yourself in your daily things and transport them to renaissance lyrics or you read ancient histories and put it in Blackmore´s Night songs?

Candice- I dont read a lot of books based on that time period, though I did just finish one called the Other Boelyn Sister which I enjoyed. It was given to me as a present. I guess its easy for me to slip into that mindset without having to be prompted by someone elses account of what it was like. I can just close my eyes and I'm there. It may be another life, or just an active imagination. But we also try to incorporate the simplicity of that time period into our daily activities. Long walks in the wood, candlelight, bonfires at night, wearing garb and playing acoustically, and generally getting in touch with nature. These things are natural for me. I dont really relate to 1 dimensional computer screens and flourescent lighting and people screaming at me to buy something on tv every 5 seconds. Im much more at peace sitting at the base of a tree. So, I can visualize myself in another time period very easily.

3 - The Paris Concert must have been an amazing event, it was the first Blackmore´s Night concert there and the french fans were very anxious. How the upcoming Paris Live DVD will show us a different perspective of the band in relation to the Castles and Dreams DVD?

Candice- The Castles and Dreams dvd was filmed in 2004 so it, ,for us, is a couple of years old already. That dvd had to be cut down a lot because we played for so long that the record company told us that if we didnt cut many of the songs out, it would be a 3 dvd set and they didn't want to print that. So, this dvd will have a lot of songs that weren't included on the Castles dvd. Also, it was great to have the perspective that we captured in the Castles and Dreams dvd because you get to see us playing in a true castle, which we do often, but on the Paris show we were in a theater. In that kind of setting were able to use effects that we can't use on an outdoor show, like in a castle. So we have film projections going on behind the band throughout the show doing different effects to accentuate the visuals of the songs. We also have new songs on there like some of the Village Lanterne songs and the band gets stronger each and every year so some who were unsure in the 2004 dvd really have come into their own and shine now. The band is just a lot more comfortable, strong and cohesive and you'll get to experience it all.

4 - This year 2007 is marking the 10th anniversary of Blackmore´s Night. What have you learned in the past 10 years and what you expect about the upcoming 10 years?

Candice- I've learned that the music business attracts a lot of sharks. That the best part of the music business is the music part and the business part is just awful. We have had constant battles because no one knows what category to put us into, or where we belong.But for us thats just fine. I dont think music should be put into a box. Its too magical. It should be allowed to fly, to entrance you, to break boundaries and categories and to capture your heart. I learned a lot about myself, how I can recognize my own limitations and how to break those walls down. What's important. At the end of the day it doesn't matter if a corporate 3 piece suit decision maker believes in what you matters that you believe in what you do. Because although those power players may have the money to make you an overnight sensation, they have no soul. They can not stand between what you do and people who believe... eventually like minded people will find you. And music in its truest magic and mystery will always prevail. The upcoming 10 years I hope will be much like the last 10. We grow ever stronger with each passing moment. We believe so much in what we are doing. No one can ever take that away from you. Its such a shame that some people feel powerful by stealing others hopes by breaking their dreams. I will never empower someone else by allowing them to do something like that. To me or anyone else I feel strongly about. I believe too strongly...and always will.

5 - Just like USA, Brazil didn´t had a Renaissance past, because we were an european colony back then. What you and Ritchie think about Brazil? Do you think that you will have the same musical reaction of the americans here? And What are the bigger difficulties to bring a concert to Brazil? (We are so anxious to see you here!!!)

Candice- We really enjoyed Brazil the last time we were there. Actually I began my witch collection from there- a small street market around the corner from the hotel in Curitiba. Her hair is made of black feathers. I also visited and amazing animal rescue park there. I don't know if it matters that the Renaissance wasnt part of the past of Brazil, because we don't play purist renaissance music. We make our own out of it so its kind of a new spin on some olden melodies. I think that the people of Brazil are very passionate and if they just enjoy good music, they will appreciate what we offer. I wonder if you have Renaissance fairs there? We have so many in the USA. hundreds of thousands of people frequent them while they are open. So, yes, Renaissance isn't in our history but we have wonderful imaginations here... Probably the biggest difficulty of bringing a concert to Brazil is finding a promoter and then working it into the routing. It's virtually impossible to fly somewhere to do just 1 or 2 shows, keep in mind, its not just us- its the band, crew, equipment, lighting, sound, etc- the list goes on. So there's alot that goes into the package. Thats why its always easier to play shows that work in sucession, so you finish one and travel to the next that is not so far away- and you do that same thing for a month or so. So its like fitting puzzle pieces together and they all have to make sense and work together. It would be great to do a couple of shows there, then Argentina and Chile, like the run that Rainbow did last time we were there, but we don't have a record company in Argentina or Chile so I dont even know if people can get the records or know who we are there. Its very frustrating for us too... But I do hope one day we can bring our music to you there...then we can all celebrate and dance and sing together...

Thank you for the interview, so please give a message to Brazilian Blackmore´s Night Fans!
Thank you for your questions, and to all the Brazilian fans, thank you for your wonderful letters and emails. We hope you continue to enjoy the magic of the music and we do hope to see you soon...

Love and Light to you!

and you as well!

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  1. ral mente espro que o blackmore's venha para o brasil. Parabens pela entrevista pessoal eu naum tirei os olhos dela ateh chegar ao fim e ainda me deu vontade de ouvir blackmore's night mais e mais.

    May the magic be with us all

  2. Hi, my dear Elen,
    The interview is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much on behalf of all Czech fans for sharing it with the world!

  3. Elen, parabéns a entrevista foi maravilhosa! Nem as grandes revistas nacionais tem dado muito atenção a essa banda maravilhosa e você tem contribuido e muito para a divulgação do Blackmore´s Night no Brasil!

  4. Elen

    Parabéns pela entrevista!!!! infelizmente acho que nunca teremos um show deles por aqui, imagina só um show deles num lugar tipo Teatro Municipal!!! a divulgação teria que ser muito bem feita e apesar dele ter tocados em duas bandas de Rock (Deep purple e Rainbow teria que ficar BEM CLARO que o Blackmore´s
    Night é compeltamente diferente, pra evitar de caras ficaram pedindo músicas e chiando nos shows, isso irritaria demais o Blackmore. um amigo meu está em Londres, viu 2 shows na Alemanha ano passado e irá em 5 neste ano.