sábado, agosto 11, 2007

Burghausen - set list 10 de Agosto!!!

BLACKMORES NIGHT: Burghausen set list (August 10th)

Intro tape,
Keyboard Intro,
Play Minstrel Play,
Under A Violet Moon,
Soldier of Fortune,
Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus,
World of Stone,
Mond Tanz/Child in Time,
Candices intro: Ein Kleiner Jagermeister,
Diamonds and Rust,
Keyboard solo/Ariel,
All for One,
Minstrel Hall,
Home Again/Drinking Song,
Temple of the King,
Where Are We Going From Here,
Renaissance Faire,
I Still Remember,
Hurdy Gurdy Intro/The Clock Ticks On,
Wind in the Willows,
The Old Village Lanterne,
The Times They Are a Changin,
Lili Marleen
(second verse performed by unknown female fan),
Ritchies Interlude,
First of May,
Midwinters Night/Dandelion Wine,
Old Mill Inn (German tape version),
Outro Tape.
134 minutos

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