domingo, março 16, 2008

Favorite Poems

Agora temos uma seção chamada Favorite Poems! Nela todos podem ler os poemas favoritos do Ritchie Blackmore e da Candice Night! Se chama Favorite Poems, o link dela está aí a esquerda!

2 comentários:

  1. My Dear Elen,
    what a wonderful idea! You know how much we both like the deep wisdom.

  2. Jo! Kritýna, má znamá !

    We love poems, i think people who like poems are more conected with all deepest feelings in the life, poor or rich people that are fascinated for poems in music or not, are more conected with the meaning of the life! We can try to find it in big poems or simple ones, but always are true feeling in it! ´Cause the authors made his poems find the right words to express a situation or feeling!