segunda-feira, julho 26, 2010

Autumn Sky


God bless the Little Autumn and she is already having a journey of light, love and joy!

Blackmore’s Night official Facebook announcement:
We are overwhelmingly happy to announce the arrival of our little one, Autumn Esmerelda.
She was the inspiration for us making our latest cd: Autumn Sky.

The Emerald Castle Pic that I found specialy for her!

Hail to the Princess!!!
Elen Pérez Raises a glass with crystaline water!
Looking to the Sky and say: - Mother Nature save the Princess Autumn Esmeralda!
The favorite season of the Queen and the Favorite color of the King!
She is already having the Light, Love and Joy in her journey, one more to help us to make a better world! ♥

It's the heart wishes of all Brazilian Blackmores Night Fans!

With Love

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