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Under a Violet Moon, no L'Olympia de Paris - 2015

Video de Under a Violet Moon, no L'Olympia de Paris - 2015


*Thanks to SLAYERSULTAN for posting the video

Veja aqui o set-list da noite 08.07.2015

1. Cartouche
2. All our yesterdays
3. Darkness
4. Dance of the Darkness
5. Queen for a Day, Part II
6. Under a Violet Moon
7. Soldier of Fortune (Deep Purple cover)
8.Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus
9. World of Stone
10. Alann yn i fann
11. Peasant's Promise
12. Keyboard Solo / Drum Solo
13. The Moon Is Shining (Somewhere Over the Sea) (extended)
14. Loreley (incl. excerpts of The Four Seasons and La Vie en rose)
15. Toast to Tomorrow (incl. snippet of Moskau )
16. Ghost of a Rose 17. Wind in the Willows
18. Home Again (incl. excerpts of the Hall of the Mountain King and Drink)
19. Fires at Midnight
20. Mid Winter's Night
21. Windmills
22. A Whiter Shade of Pale (Procol Harum cover)

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