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Informações: Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Memories in Rock Live in Germany 2016

In June 2016, legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore made many long held dreams come true for his fans as Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow played three concerts in Europe, two in Germany and one in England. The two German shows at Loreley and Bietigheim were caught on camera to produce Memories In Rock – Live In Germany, which will be released via Eagle Rock Entertainment.

This film captures the long awaited return to rock music for Ritchie Blackmore. The setlist, combining classic tracks from both Deep Purple and Rainbow, was exactly what the fans had wished for. Filmed in high definition, this jaw-dropping set includes “Catch The Rainbow”, “Mistreated”, “Since You Been Gone”, “Black Night”, “Spotlight Kid”, “Smoke On The Water”, “Stargazer”, “Perfect Strangers”, and more! As a bonus all formats (barring the 3LP) also boast a quartet of tracks recorded on an alternative night: “Spotlight Kid”, “Man On The Silver Mountain”, “Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll”, and “Stargazer”.


01. Pomp and Circumstance
02. Highway Star (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
03. Spotlight Kid (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
04. Mistreated (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
05. 16 Century Greensleeves (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
06. Since You Been Gone (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
07. Man On The Silver Mountain (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
08. Catch The Rainbow (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
09. Difficult To Cure (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
10. Perfect Strangers (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
11. Stargazer (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
12. Long Rive Rock and Roll (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
13. Child in time (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
14. Black Night (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
15. Smoke On The Water (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)

01. Spotlight Kid (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
02. Man On The Silver Mountain (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)
03. Long Rive Rock and Roll (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
04. Stargazer (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)

(Japanese Bonus tracks)
05. Since You Been Gone (2016.06.17 Lorelei)
06. Catch The Rainbow (2016.06.18 bietigheim-bissingen)


Ritchie Blackmore (Guitar); Ronnie Romero (Vocals); David Keith (Drums); Bob Nouveau (Bass); Jens Johanssen (Keyboards); Candice Night (Backing Vocals); Lady Lynn (Backing Vocals).


NOVEMBER 18 – DVD+2CD, Blu-ray+2CD, and Digital Formats.
DECEMBER 02 – A Deluxe version (DVD, Blu-ray+2CD in a 48 page hardback photobook), along with a 3LP version (180gm vinyl), will be available as an import.


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