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About Annie's Song

EXAMINER: Can you discuss the enduring appeal of John Denver and how you came to cover “Annie's Song”?

CANDICE NIGHT: My husband and I met in 1989. We got engaged in 1994 but we didn't get married till 2008. Mainly because I knew there was a lot of planning involved and that I would be the one doing it all and we were always recording and touring so it was hard to get it all done. So, when I finally did it mainly by texting on my Blackberry overseas while on tour, the only thing I got overwhelmed by was choosing the wedding song. There were just so many options I had no idea where to start to narrow it down to 1 song for our 1st dance. I asked my husband to choose. And he chose “Annie’s Song.” And I cried because, he is not a lyric guy! But this choice, music and lyrically were just so perfect. So it was our first dance at our wedding and the only moment at that point that I had ever cried happy tears. It holds a very special place in my heart. So when my children were born I started singing it to them as a lullaby. It was just a full of emotion love song between my children and myself that took on a whole new meaning. My daughter’s favorite line is the "sleepy blue ocean.” They now sing it with me at home. It is just a pure beautiful moment provided by an incredibly beautiful song.

Fonte: Entrevista para Examiner - http://www.examiner.com/article/vocalist-candice-night-lulls-the-senses-on-kid-friendly-new-album

Segue aqui abaixo o lyric video dessa linda música:

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