sexta-feira, maio 06, 2016

Favoritos da playlist do ‪‎Ritchie Blackmore em 1998

Em 1998 Ritchie Blackmore divulgou em seu site oficial a sua playlist favorita, segue abaixo, com albuns e links:

Adaro - Tibetian Dharma

Des Geyers - All Vol

Freiberger Spielleyt - Tales of Miracles

Chopin - Ballad #1

John Ford - Love is a Highway

Curiosity: John Ford was a member of Blackmore's Night from October 1998 until April 1999. "Under A Violet Moon", their second international release, featured him in the beautiful Alan Bell song, "Wind in the Willows" (not its original title - it is actually called "Bread and Fishes" but it was changed the title as well as one verse, removing its original Anglican connotation.).

Procol Harum - Classics Vol.17

Phillip Pickett - Sinners and Saints

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